Images of the North East of England

Richard Hobson, 1945-2004

Site under construction

This site contains images of paintings, drawings and monotypes of the North East of England by the artist Richard Hobson. Over his lifetime. Richard produced and sold over 300 works of which only a small number are included here. Ultimately, the aim is to produce a pictorial catalogue of as much of his work as possible. If any person who owns one of his paintings would like it to be included in the catalogue and/or this site, please use this site to contact me, John Hobson, the brother of the artist.

Such a catalogue, as well as having artistic value, would be an important archive of the North East of England during its period of de-industrialisation.

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–   go to  this Bowes Museum blog for an interesting article on Richard’s conservation work.

– go to Exhibition for information on a recent exhibition of Richard’s work.

–   Gallery, images may be subject to copyright (click on an image for enlarged view, then click ‘x’ at top left to return to this site. You can also use the viewer controls to scroll through the gallery.). My favourite is ‘Untitled (Tyne near Blaydon?). It is a shame the image is so small though.

–    Touch screens. This site works well on my touch screen Samsung mobile phone. Touching an image in the gallery brings an enlarged view to the screen which can be manipulated as usual. A deliberate tap on the enlarged view causes the image to scroll forward to the next picture in the gallery. On my sister’s tablet, however, any touch on the enlarged view causes it to scroll forward without providing any option to manipulate the image. On another make of tablet, the image could be manipulated but unintended scrolls forward did sometimes occur. Perhaps there is a setting option to address this.